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"So, tell me. If this all ends tomorrow what happens to us?"

"I dunno. Marriage, old age and a lot of little blue children?"

Our conversation from that time on the Normandy is one I could never forget. More so now as I watch the scene that unfolds before me. You sitting on the grass, surrounded by our daughters, as you tell yet another grand war story. Your arms move about dramatically as you act out specific details such as Garrus setting up for a skillfully aimed shot or Wrex as he charges a terrified opponent.

Our eldest, Alyxia, watches you with pride in her eyes. They mirror your own turquoise ones. In fact, she is very much a reflection of yourself, just as I intended her to be. She has your brashness and well developed sense of humor, even our friends have come to call her Little Shepard. The only part of myself she seemed to have inherited is what you refer to as my "doctor mood". That sense of seriousness that hovers around her like a dark cloud. Well, that and my skin tone.

A bell like giggle from our second child caused by your very accurate impression of Jack brings me to smile. We named her after my mother, although she prefers being called Nez. The nickname fits her starlet personality, though I fear for her suitors when she grows older. She is stunningly beautiful for her young age. The violet hues of her skin, which she inherited from my father, add to her looks. The wisdom held in her eyes could be compared to that of a Matriarch. They remind me of the night sky here on Earth.

The youngest of the three yawns and so you pull her into your lap, most likely thinking she is tired. I know otherwise. She never seemed interested in your stories. Her disapproval of your more renegade decisions in the past agrees with her Justicar namesake. I see her growing up to follow a very similar path. That is unless her great intelligence drives her to take my place as the Shadow Broker. She looks very much like my mother would have at this age but with steely eyes that display the inner workings of her old soul.

I hear you call my name and I return to reality. You have moved, our daughters now surrounding me, all with various smiles on your faces. The two oldest beg me for an answer to their questions and I can't help but chuckle in response. Of course you would bring up that conversation, the one still fresh in my mind. I nod, confirming the truth of the words you told them and they giggle madly before chasing each other around the yard. You pass Samara to me and join in on their play, lifting them in the air with your biotics. A sigh passes though her lips and I kiss the top of her head, whispering the words I knew she was thinking.

"I love my children, though not all of them are blue."
A fluffy family fic featuring Cass Shepard, Liara T'soni and their three daughters. It's in Liara's POV.

I don't own Mass Effect or Liara, so yeah....disclaimers.
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July 24, 2013
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